【MHW】Monster hunter world’s reputation in Japan.(英語版)



This site “Fuguon MHW” is a blog dealing professionally about “Monster hunter world”.
I will tell about MHW’s reputation in Japan.
(Maybe there is a mistake because you are using a translation machine)

First of all, from the Japanese perspective, MHW has been generally received favorably.
· The action became light.
· The graphics have become beautiful from the past.
· The basic system is “Monster Hunter”.
· Many people are not playing the Monster Hunter series since shifting to handheld game machines, and many people have been waiting for release on PS4.

As MHW ‘s beta test reputation is good, The number of reservations in AMAZON is first.

However, there are some discontent points.
· The shortcut function has a bad reputation.
· Action on a slope.
· Letters are small.

Various opinions on detailed problems have been raised, and voices saying “We will actively make requests.”

We are discussing the strength of each type of weapon. Also, we are discussing compared to other games.
We are looking for pukepuke or challenging Lioleus’s time attack.

Also, the overseas version of MHW is cheap and the voice of sadness is rising.

It is relatively easy to make English into Japanese, but I think it is difficult to make Japanese into English.
If there is a question, I will answer within the range that I can do. Because I am not good at English, I want you to use brief words.
Many want to know the popularity of MHW outside of Japan. I am one of them. Please let me know.



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